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Beth Ayers

Beth Image New Hair Cut.jpg

Beth Ayers is a graduate of Clemson University in South Carolina. She holds a fine arts degree and is a military veteran. Most of our artwork was crafted by her skilled hands. You will be taken to her Instagram if you click on her image above. If you wish to purchase one of her pieces, don’t hesitate to message her via email at or her Instagram account, which can be accessed by clicking below.

Crybaby Bridge – There is a story about the crybaby bridge in many states. This painting is based on the one we have here in Anderson, South Carolina. Below is a snippet of my husband’s story.

Jonny Mastodon:

The Case of Crybaby Bridge


Anderson, South Carolina - November 21, 1922


The night was cold and dark when the lady of the crybaby bridge lost her baby. The moonlight lit up the hilltop, and the newly constructed brick house looked radiant. The lady of the bridge smelled of sweat honeysuckles, and her lips were apple red. She looked at her sweet baby with all the wonder and awe of any first-time mother.

The lady of the bridge reached over and turned on the lamp next to her baby’s crib. As she left her baby’s room, the door was slightly ajar. Her husband, a police detective, was working late as he did most nights. Grabbing her favorite book from the shelf next to her favorite chair, the lady of the bridge sits comfortably down and begins to read.

As the lady of the bridge was becoming immersed in her book, the baby let out a bellowing cry. Placing her book down, the lady of the bridge stood and made her way into the infant’s room. A blood-cuddling terror shot through her as she stepped through the doorway and saw her baby’s empty crib. Instantly she noticed the window next to the crib opened. She runs to the window and sees a man running across her yard, baby in hand.

Without hesitating, the lady jumps through the window and sprints after the kidnapper. The man was fast but not as fast as the lady of the bridge. Fear filled the mother as she pursued the mystery man toward the bridge next to her house. As the kidnapper reached the middle of the bridge, he tossed the baby over its edge. The lady of the bridge jumped over the edge after her baby. It is said that time slows to a crawl before you die. I pray this isn’t true because the last thing the lady of the bridge saw was her infant, the creature she had carried for nine months and three days, smashed apart against the jagged rocks of the river bed. In her last moments, she filled the air whip through her hair, and tears filled her eyes. Don’t call her ignorant, but she thought she might grab ahold of her baby and save it from death. But she didn’t. She died inches away from where her dead baby lay.

There are not many things stronger in this world than a mother’s love, but a mother sacrificing herself for her child is one of them. It is said that if you park on this bridge today and shout out, “I stole your baby.” The lady of the bridge will arise and take her vengeance upon you because she lays below the shallow waters waiting to catch her baby so that she might save it. So if you cherish your life, do not tease her because little things are as vicious as a mother’s love.

Baby in the lake.jpg

I painted a "Massachusetts melt" based on a picture I took during a Massachusetts spring-time melt. After a long winter’s chill, a large thicket of ice sits perched upon the cliff of a jagged mountainside. When the sun cuts ribbons across the scene, what will be revealed?    

Winter in Mass.jpg

Relinquished -  This is the moment after death when you have died, and the only thing left is accepting death. This angel has sacrificed everything to get herself here, and they have arrived.   

Shadow Puppets.PNG

Eiffel Tower Downfall – In this image, you need to understand that it is made up of multiple pieces of glass painted both front and back. We can weigh it at your request. It is heavy and will require unique hanging that will be framed on our end. The piece is meant to show the downfall of humanity at the hand of dragons. The Eiffel Towel has become a nest for the last of the dragons after the world has fallen.    

Tower Burning.PNG

A starry night is based on Vincent van Gogh’s “The Starry Night.” I was lost in its many paints swirls when I first saw this picture. Like many others, my young mind started to imagine many other nefarious creatures lurking upon Van Gogh’s brush strokes. As a dragon lover, I thought, what if a winged drake lived among the stars? “A starry night” is my answer to that question.   

Starry Night Dragon.jpg

“Postpartum” is based on postpartum depression and a mother’s neverending love as it fights against neverending emptiness and her self-loathing of herself after birth. How can you love something that has taken so much from yourself? It’s challenging to fill self-fulfilled when you lose so much of yourself during birth.

Mothers Love.jpg

“Radiation” is based on how one feels as the neverending questioning of the world challenges their belief system. The artist’s favorite color is put to the test as it is ripped apart and slowly sown back together. This painting is meant to show the struggle of everyday life.

Purple and Red Paint Drip.PNG

“Crystal Horse” is inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s style. I have always loved horses, but this piece merges my love with one of my favorite artist’s styles. I started by imagining a horse broken apart into crystal sections and placed upon a sea of Vincent van Gogh’s scenery.   

Crystal Horse.jpg

“Roses” shows one’s futile fight to survive against the neverending demands of the everyday khaki existence of normality. How can passion survive against routine?

red rose on pink backing.PNG
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