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A small southern city is thrown into chaos when the police department is defunded because of a horrific cover-up that leaves a pregnant Black woman dead. Different religious and ethnic factions fight to gain a foothold in the town. A grieving husband seeks retribution, a wealthy entrepreneur works on expanding his empire, and a couple of cannibals work on filling their pantry. Personal agendas are exposed as everyone struggles to satisfy their most basic human need, survival. When the police are gone, who will save you from yourself?    

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Alexa Young, CA

Dear Readers,

I am aware of the intended goal of the defund the police movement, but I am also mindful that many people believe that the movement has multiple purposes. I didn’t write this book as a piece of political activism. I wrote this book for several reasons, one being that I’m a fan of dystopian literature. I realize this topic is very controversial, mainly because it is misunderstood. I was in the Army Intelligence Corps and served on several deployments. I am not associated with the police, but my old army buddy is the Sheriff of my hometown. I wrote Defunded because I enjoy writing about the psychological impact of major shifts in everyday existence and the strain it puts on the human condition. People in our society walk through life wearing a filter on their minds because they fear being arrested. I like to analyze what would happen when that filter is removed. I am aware that Defunded will make many people angry and have tons of bad reviews. It would be great for Defunded to be a universally loved book, but it won’t be. I wrote this book as a thought experiment for myself. That means that I didn’t pander to anyone’s group. This book shows the dark side of everyone. Of course, that is the point, to dive into the dark depths of humanity.

Thank you all,

L Light

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