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A small southern city is thrown into chaos when the police department is defunded because of a horrific cover-up that leaves a pregnant Black woman dead. Different religious and ethnic factions fight to gain a foothold in the town. A grieving husband seeks retribution, a wealthy entrepreneur works on expanding his empire, and a couple of cannibals work on filling their pantry. Personal agendas are exposed as everyone struggles to satisfy their most basic human need, survival. When the police are gone, who will save you from yourself?    


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I named the main character Richard after my older brother, who died several years ago. Richard is just an ordinary fifteen-year-old with lustful thoughts until fate thrusts him into a magical world. He has to learn how to use his new abilities by attending an elite school for Magi like him. Unfortunately for Richard, this extraordinary existence comes with several troublesome pieces of baggage. Two ghostly apparitions that only he can see. Life isn’t going to be easy for Richard because it turns out that gaining entry to an elite school doesn’t cause you to stop being an underdog. If you want to read this, the first three chapters are free.

Furry Planet

If you like science fiction and furries, you can try Furry Planet. The first three chapters are free.

In this book, a young girl sets off on a mission to save the last of the human race. She is teleported to a planet filled with humanoid animals to fix a portal placed on the surface generations ago.

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Revelation Kindle Vella Cover-4.png


If you want to read this, the first three chapters are free. It’s only on episode three, with more coming out later this month or the next, depending on my schedule.   Nearly two decades after the fall, what remains of humanity now lives within seven highly regulated districts. Each district is ruled over by one of the seven generals of Hell. A young orphan named Grace sets off on a quest to save civilization from Lucifer and his army of forsaken. With the help of her three guardians, she will attempt to gather a force strong enough to battle against the king of the damned.

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