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Richard is just an ordinary fifteen-year-old with lustful thoughts until fate thrusts him into a magical world. He has to learn how to use his new abilities by attending an elite school for Magi like him. Unfortunately for Richard, this extraordinary existence comes with several troublesome pieces of baggage. Two ghostly apparitions that only he can see. Life isn’t going to be easy for Richard because it turns out that gaining entry to an elite school doesn’t cause you to stop being an underdog.

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The Towers

In 23 AD, towers appeared worldwide with timers set upon them. The timers were set for two thousand years and gave grave warnings about items on the top floors that needed to be reached by the time they equal zero. The odd thing about the towers is that some people could see them and not. Inscribed on the towers are runes, and after a while, the ones who could see the towers deciphered enough of the text to determine the tower were being hidden by advanced magical spells. The towers emit Mana which some humans can tap into, allowing them to see the buildings and cast spells. Since the towers were not visible to all humans, a divide started to form between non-mana users and mana users. The non-mana users or Nonmagi refused to believe that mystical towers could have just appeared out of nowhere.

The areas where the towers were standings seemed to repeal any Nonmagi that traveled too close to them unnaturally. This denial caused a great chasm between the two people, and eventually, society split, and Nonmagi and Magi all started to live two different existences. The Magi stopped discussing the towers and all magic-related subjects in front of Nonmagi. At first, Magi were at a loss regarding how to deal with these towers. Most people were cowards at the thought of entering the dungeons. However, parties eventually formed and ventured into the dungeons to scale the towers. The adventures that ventured into the dungeons quickly learned that monsters they defeated carried items of great value, and the higher the floor level, the higher the item’s value.

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Erza Saito

Erza is a seventeen-year-old Enchanting Professor at Vandermast School of Dungeon Masters. She has been unable to return to tower one after her sister’s death on floor eighty-two. Erza becomes entangled in a mysterious plot with her parents, who have become devout followers of a cult called the Watchers.

The Watchers

The Watchers are a doomsday cult with the central goal of causing the tower’s clock to reach zero. They do this by actively discouraging Magi from entering the dungeons. The Watchers have been known to use political bribing, protest, assassinations, explosives, and sabotage to keep people out. by any means necessary. They have a lot of different beliefs depending on what teacher they follow. Some believe that when the tower’s clocks run out, all magic will leave the world. Others think that the world will unite and that the non-magi will be able to see the towers and use magic. Erza’s parents believe everyone who lost their lives in the tower will be resurrected and returned to Earth when the timer runs out.

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