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Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Ayers Publishing is proud to announce the release of its new book “Defunded.” It is a work of fiction and not based on actual events. The book is based in the imaginary city of Woodcrest, South Carolina. I wrote Defunded because I enjoy writing about the psychological impact of major shifts in everyday existence and the strain it puts on the human condition. This book isn’t for the faint of heart because it is bloody and unsuitable for minors. Many will find a part or all of the book offensive, but such is life. It is often unpredictable how people will react when events, like the one describe in the book, unfold. Here is a short description of the book.

A small southern city is thrown into chaos when the police department is defunded because of a horrific cover-up that leaves a pregnant Black woman dead. Different religious and ethnic factions fight to gain a foothold in the town. A grieving husband seeks retribution, a wealthy entrepreneur works on expanding his empire, and cannibalistic couple work on filling their pantry. Personal agendas are exposed as everyone struggles to satisfy their most basic human need, survival. When the police are gone, who will save you from yourself?

Thank you all,

L Light

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